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The East High gym was rocking as the first half of the grudge match between the East High Wildcats and the West High Knights was coming to a close.The cheerleaders for both basketball teams were leading the audience in cheers, and the East High band's drummers were pounding out a beat.But on the court, the players didn't pay attention to any sounds except their own breathing and occasional grunting as they blocked shots, jumped for rebounds, and raced across the floor. In the middle of all the chaos,Wildcats captain Troy Bolton took a deep breath,pushed his hair out of his eyes,and glanced at the Wildcats..and thirty-seven for the Knights.
Suddenly,the buzzer rang.
The first half of the game was over.
And the Wildcats were getting crushed.
As the team members piled into the locker room, their faces looked shell-shocked.Several players took a seat on the benches.They slumped over,exhaunted.Others leaned on their lockers,triying not to look discouraged.
Every player's eyes turned to look at Troy.He was sitting near his best friend,the team's co-captain,Chad Danforth.Two other seniors,Zeke Baylor and Jason Cross, stood a few feet away.Troy seemed unaware of the others' anxiety.His piercing blue eyes were completely focused on the dry-erase board that had been set up at theat the end of the locker room.
  Coach Bolton,who was Troy's father, looked around the room.He knew how his team was feeling.And he knew he had to get them back on track.He was confident that they could come from behind in second half.He reached out with an eraser and wiped the play diagrams off the board.
   The  coach looked at his teammates intently.``We've dug ourselves a hole,and the only way out is on each other's shoulders,``he said firmly.
    Coach Bolton continued.``No more X's and O's,`` he told the team.``Forget the scoreboard.Here's the number that means something...''He reached out and scribbled''16'' on the board.''sixteen minutes left in the game...the season...and for the seniors on this squad...''He glanced over at Troy,Chad,Zeke,and Jason. ''.....sixteen minutes left in a Wildcats uniform.''
   He gave Troy and Chad a serius look.
   Troy stood up.This was the moment when he had to rallly the Wildcats and raise their spirits.
Fortunately, he wasn't alone."Hey, you heard Coach.The sixteen minutes are going to say with us for a long time after we leave EAST HIGH.. so it's now or never," he said."Chad?" he asked, glancing over at his co-captain.
  As Troy expected,Chad jumped up and stood next to him.He looked over at the other Wildcats and smiled.
   "What team?" he cheered enthusiastically.
The players grinned.They could always count on Troy and Chad to raise their spirits.
"Wilcats!" They yelled back in unison.
"What team?" Chad shouted even louder.
"WILDCATS!" This time,their shouts rattled the roof.
  Chad stepped forward and held out his right hand.Once more,he cried out,"What team?"
Nine hands joined his in the middle of a circle .
    "WILDCATS!" everyone cheered.
Their hands flewinto the air, and them the teammates burst out of the locker room into the Hallway of Champions and headed back to the gym. After ....                                
                                                                (to be continued....) 
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