LoVeLy pOem:)

~who iz in love~ by lia^_^
what is love?
it's the closet thing
we have to magic love
happiness comes and
happiness goes,
but my love for you just grows and grows
this is first love and it is young love
and we'll fly to the moon
i'll look divine.
my blue eyes will shine
and our lives will be roses and wine
because you are mine..
i have feelings of love for the guy i see .
does he love me tOo..,
what does he think of me?
i wish i could tell him he makes me whole,but i'm afraid
to say what's deep in my soul.
but when she came along and took your breadth away,
i was devastated and di'n't
knows what to say
i spend my nights crying,time after time,
i spent my day lying saying i was fine,
little did you know,my heart was crushed inside,
and on that day,a little of me died
but with her,you look so in love
because you are the angel from above
live been in darkness for so long just waiting for the light and now that you
have come my way, days don't seem like nights.
i'm glad i'm finally overcome my fear of the others side.
so thanks for taking me on this ride young love,so pure and clean,the sweetest thing,you've ever seen no jealous,no angeror rage,no middle aged worries,
so drink deep my loves and don't think anythings wrong
because young love doesn't last very long.
love is faith,faith is blind love take chance.
chances cause fear love is patient.
patience is weary love takes strength cause welness love is wealth.
wealth is power.falling in love reminds you that nothing else matters.
a kiss is never just a kiss
theres a whole universe of meaning contained in a kiss.
the miles are many,
the visits are few,
but when you see the sun
set think of me and you
she falls to get ground,
and try's to get back up,
but the fear keeps pushing her down.
will she ever escape the memories of his love?
as u know, i never let's you go with another girl...
why?why? n why?
because i love u so much,
because u ur mine 4eva,
because i be a perfect girl 4 u.
because i always be there if u in a trouble,
from me u ur so kind,smart,hansome,cool,genius n be a perfect to me...
because u ur only in my heart..
because i cannot life without u...
because i wanna be with u 4eva...
because u ur special 4 me! ^_^
                                         ~  the EnD~

tenx for read my entry!komen yer:)

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